Secondary Glazing Systems

We can install secondary glazing systems across Oxfordshire

If you’re looking for secondary glazing systems for your home or business we can support you with advice and guidance, as well as sourcing and installation.

In fact, Windrush Door and Window Services supply and install all types of aluminium secondary glazing, available in white, brown and any standard RAL colour with brush seals and interlocking frames. This provides thermal efficiency and acoustic insulation with added draught prevention as standard, and we use acoustic and safety glass as required by site condition.

Secondary glazing systems offer your workplace or home many more benefits including:

  • Reduced condensation
  • Savings on energy bills
  • Less noise pollution
  • A more comfortable environment without the disruption of replacement windows or redecoration
  • Retained character of period properties
  • Being easy to maintain and clean
  • Can be fitted all year round

Our range of secondary glazing systems includes horizontal sliding, vertical sliding, hinged and lift out designs that all complement the look of your
windows, from historic to commercial and residential applications. We have installed secondary glazing into homes and businesses across Oxfordshire
and beyond, and our experienced team can carry out the work you need quickly, and to the highest standard.

Simply contact us to find out more about the benefits
of secondary glazing systems.

Secondary glazing at Sibford Gower School

Sibford Gower primary school needed to improve noise pollution and thermal performance while maintaining the traditional character of their Victorian building. Secondary glazing was the ideal solution which we were able to install for them within their budget.

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