When To Replace a Fire Door? 5 Signs to Watch For

March 9, 2023 Steve Sherbourne

1. Deterioration One of the first indicators that a fire door needs to be replaced is physical damage and deterioration. Fire doors can get worn out over time, which can cause them to lose fire-resistance capabilities. Signs of deterioration include things like cracks in the door or frame, rust, massive amounts of dust and debris, or other signs that the fire door’s material has degraded. 2. Missing Hardware Fire doors must have certain hardware components installed correctly for fire safety.… 

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Fire Doors Frequently Asked Questions

March 8, 2023 Steve Sherbourne

Fire doors are an essential safety feature in any building. They are designed to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke throughout a structure, providing extra time for occupants to evacuate safely. In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about fire doors: Q. What is a fire door? A. A fire door is a type of door that helps to prevent the spread of fire and smoke between compartments in buildings. It is designed with… 

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