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Why window maintenance should be a key part of your security plan

January 11, 2019 Steve Sherbourne

When it comes to keeping your property secure, ensuring your windows are serviced regularly will keep them looking and functioning in top condition. Although this can seem like an unnecessary expense at the time – it will save you money and keep your home or business protected in the long-run. Window maintenance is especially important considering the more extreme weather conditions such as we’ve experienced in the UK this past year (extreme for us brits, anyway!) – a frozen winter… 

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How we can help with emergency boarding and shopfront glazing

July 2, 2018 Steve Sherbourne

A broken window or door leaves your home or business vulnerable to break-ins, so of course you need an immediate fix for safety and peace of mind. We’re here to take the pressure off in times of crisis, so you can continue running your business or living comfortably in your home with minimal inconvenience. Our emergency double-glazing repairs save you from stress A broken window on your property can cause huge disruption to your life – so we step in… 

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4 ways quality door and window installation can save you money

April 9, 2018 Steve Sherbourne

When the time comes to replace some of the doors and windows in your home or commercial building, you may wonder whether the cost of installing them is worth the benefits it will bring. Replacing your doors and windows is a long-term investment, as when they’re properly fitted and well-maintained they should last for between 20-30 years. To save money in the long run and add value to your property, it’s important to choose the right experts for the job, to ensure you’re getting… 

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The importance of window and door maintenance for fire safety

February 23, 2018 Steve Sherbourne

When it comes to window and door safety in the event of a fire, there are two main elements to consider: preventing it from spreading, and having a suitable escape exit plan. Getting your property’s doors and windows serviced regularly ensures they remain in optimum condition to provide a safe environment for the public. Fire doors Fire doors are specially constructed to be robust and slow down the spread of fire, limiting the damage to the property and giving occupants more… 

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How to make sure your exterior commercial doors look great and work perfectly

January 8, 2018 Steve Sherbourne

Running a commercial property entails a high level of responsibility. Your external commercial doors alone need to comply with safety, security and accessibility standards while also looking professional and working well. So how do you choose the right doors for your business, office block, college or school? Here are a few of the most important considerations: The look: Your door is the first thing visitors see when visiting your commercial space. You can use this to your advantage by choosing a look… 

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Stay compliant with our accredited commercial door installation

October 6, 2017 Steve Sherbourne

When carrying out a commercial door installation for a business or school, there’s plenty to consider, from aesthetics and design preferences, to using suitable, robust materials. However there’s one area where very little flexibility is allowed – and that’s ensuring your doors comply with UK regulations. They must also meet general guidelines to mitigate against environmental and safety problems. Here are some facts you need to know for your own commercial door installation. Be fireproof About three million fire doors are bought… 

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The hidden costs of poor window maintenance

August 14, 2017 Steve Sherbourne

Your windows and doors should effectively last around 30-35 years. However, as with most things, this can’t be guaranteed if they aren’t correctly maintained. Not keeping an eye on their condition can lead to premature and expensive replacements. Failure to correctly maintain windows can result in sealant (caulking) failure. Sealant failure will lead to moisture entering the cavity and cause damp and damage to the surrounding areas. There’s a number of ways that your sealant can become faulty but if it’s fixed… 

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What’s involved in commercial window installation and replacement

May 15, 2017 Steve Sherbourne

Getting your windows replaced can enhance your property’s overall appearance. Something that’s especially important for commercial properties; replacing windows is a quick win to get your premises to match your brand. Getting new windows may also be an essential requirement – for energy or health and safety reasons. There are many reasons why you may be looking for commercial window replacement or installation and here are a few of the important considerations: Do you need planning consent for commercial window installation and… 

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How to choose the right doors and windows for commercial properties

April 3, 2017 Steve Sherbourne

Owning a commercial property comes with a certain level of responsibility. You need to consider a number of things including accessibility, security and safety. Doors and windows are a considerable part of this. Your business needs to comply with strict standards including disability access, fire resistance and exits points. At Windrush Doors & Windows we can help make sure that your commercial property doors and windows follow the legal requirements. Fully replacing doors or windows isn’t always necessary. You may… 

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Accredited glazing and doors that make sure your business is compliant

March 2, 2017 Steve Sherbourne

As a business, your contractor needs to comply with strict building regulations. Heat loss, ventilation and security are all essential considerations when looking for business window or door replacement. You need to be confident that you’re working with a trustworthy company and that work has been carried out to the highest standards. Damaged or poorly functioning doors and windows can mean a range of things for your business. If heat is escaping you could be spending more money heating your business than… 

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